Hi I’m Lam!

I’m a product designer that’s passionate about designing for a positive impact through a thoughtful and data-driven approach.

Nowadays I’m designing the donation process for Haiti Now, a nonprofit aiming to build a Residential School for Restavek children. So far it’s been a very educational and humbling experience designing for Haiti Now. I’m challenged constantly to educate myself on the domestic servitude crisis in Haiti and utilize my design skills to help them in as many ways as I can. Check them out here!

I’m also conducting research with Google where we’re focused on improving the geolocation experience for experimental and upcoming Android devices. Previously, I interned at Cubic as a UX Designer where I improved their business efficiency by redesigning several process flows in SAP Personas.

I hope for a future where technology is ethical and accessible with a goal for improving users’ lives by solving real problems. I’m constantly inspired by creative ideas driven by thoughtful research that also promotes positive change for the world we live in.

When I’m not sitting with a laptop, I love cooking comfort food, listening to vinyls, and shooting hoops.

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