Hi! I’m Lam, a UX designer based in the Bay Area. I graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Human Computer Interaction and a minor in Design.


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Point Poppy


Point Poppy


Creating a web app to encourage others to explore California’s national parks


ROLE: Developer, UX/UI Designer
TEAM: Grace Chen, Katya Noble, Aaron Chen

Point Poppy is a web-based application that gives information about the national parks in California. Currently, people need to create separate Google searches for finding a park to visit, as well as separate searches for information about that park. Our app aggregates searching, exploring, and learning features when people want to visit a California national park. We provide an interactive map with locations of parks and respective park and trail descriptions, trailhead locations, images, weather information, and link for directions in a way that is intuitive to the user and encourages exploring California's beautiful national parks.

The initial sketches as part of our brainstorming

Storyboarding sketches

First Iteration

Second Iteration

Third Iteration